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Information and invitation letter

We are happy to inform you that the Volunteers' Military Industry Expo (Volonterskyi Voyenprom) will be held on October 9 and 10, 201 in Kyiv. Volunteers' Military Industry Expo has been founded in early 2015 has now become a reputable venue of connections between military industry manufacturers, suppliers and customers – volunteer organizations and state structures responsible for supplying the Army.

More than 200 companies were presented, 3000 to 6000 people visited the expo daily during the previous two events. The highest officials of relevant state structures (Logistics Service of the Ministry of Defense, the State Security Service of Ukraine, General Headquarters, Ukroboronprom State Consortium, etc.) and the representatives of the most reputable civil society and volunteer organizations traditionally attend the exhibition, allowing us to efficiently achieve our key goal.

The event is aimed to bring together manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of the military equipment products and related services, create enabling conditions for efficient research in the innovative technologies and developments in order to enhance our country's defense capacity.

Ukraine has the largest and one of the worst equipped armies in Europe. Nowadays the military industry market is rapidly developing and needs experience and knowledge exchange with the countries boasting certain military industry achievements. We are sure that participation in our exhibition will give you access to the new distribution channels and facilitate the negotiation of lucrative contracts. Moreover, we have the lowest exhibition space fees in Europe.

We invite you to demonstrate your achievements at the exhibition and take part in the business events within Volunteers' Military Industry Expo-3.

Venue: Kyiv, Kyivexpoplaza Expo Center (2-B Saliutna Str).

Regards, organizers


Civic Initiative Council is a non-profit civil society organization. It had implemented several large-scale projects, in particular, IDP assistance center, "Volonterskyi Voyenprom" (volunteer-run military industry and logistics center), organization of seminars on volunteers' activities, medicinal products use trainings, All-Ukrainian charitable event "Not only for you, but for others too", participation in the specialized committees of the Verkhovna Rada on development of military equipment regulatory acts. The organization engages in its own military equipment developments.

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